One of the fastest rising house/tech-house DJs in the Adriatic region holds a residency at leading Slovenian club Cirkus (LJU) and he performs regularly at the up to 30.000 capacity events such as Schengenfest, Ritem mladosti, DiscoNautica, Dance Republic and Škisova Tržnica. In summer 2013 Manuel Dark held residency in Kalypso club at the infamous Zrće beach on the Isle of Pag. He already made first steps in the international arena performing at various venues in Spain, Greece and Croatia and is now breaking through also as a producer with his house anthem "La Musica". His latest flagship is the EP release at TeddyBear Records with two groovy tracks: Funky Beat (featuring erXon) and It Is What It Is. In february, the track La Musica has been released on Sume Music records. The most recent success was of course winning the Slovenian Burn Residency 2014 competition, which takes him in another round to compete for the residency of Ibiza's best clubs.